CCILC-Macau holds the Annual Meeting of General Assembly 2021

Release date:2021/03/30
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The Macau Delegation of Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC-Macau) held its Annual Meeting of General Assembly 2021 at Vic’s restaurant, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. The meeting was hosted by the Vice-President of the Board of General Assembly of CCILC-Macau, Rui Pedro Cunha, convened by the President of the Board of Directors of CCILC-Macau, Bernie Leong.


Rui Pedro Cunha joined by Bernie Leong welcomed the attendance of Ambassador Paulo Cunha Alves, Consul General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong and Maria Carolina Lousinha, Director of AICEP Portugal Global in Macau and Hong Kong. Ambassador Paulo Cunha Alves thanked CCILC-Macau for the invitation and its efforts in organizing the Annual Meeting.


Rui Pedro Cunha, the Vice-President of the Board of General Assembly of CCILC-Macau expressed his gratitude to all the members for their support to CCILC-Macau in the past years. He acknowledged that 2020 was a very challenging year and that Macau was one of the hardest hit economies in the world by the pandemic but fortunately, with no active cases of COVID-19, Macau is one of the safest places in the world. The local economy is starting to show signs of recovery. Going forward, we expect CCILC to serve as a bridge between mainland China and Portugal, and help expand the business network as the trading and cooperation platform between China and Portugal.


CCILC-Macau has been committed to providing an exchange platform to promote the development of economic and trade cooperation between China and Portugal. CCILC has around 300 corporate members from different economic sectors, including subsidiaries of Portuguese companies, and various kinds of information can be communicated and shared through the Chamber network, effectively promoting trade and economic cooperation among members and between regions.

The Meeting also reported the current work of the Chamber to its members, including the membership status, financial reports, recap of activities in 2020 and activity plans for 2021.




Honorary President

Consul General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong - Ambassador Paulo Cunha Alves


Board of General Assembly

1.       Vera de Morais Pinto Pereira Carneiro - President
EDP – Energias de Portugal S.A.


2.       Rui Pedro Cunha - Vice President
C&C Advogados


3.       Carlos Álvares - Vice President
Banco Nacional Ultramarino S.A.


4.       Chunyan Cai - Vice President
Bank of China Macau Branch


5.       Frederico Rato  - Secretary                                                                                                                       
Rato, Ling, Lei & Cortés – Advogados                                                             


Board of Directors

1.       Bernie Leong - President

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A.


2.       Rui Jorge da Silva Cernadas - Vice President

PAL Asiaconsult Ltd


3.       Carlos Álvares - Treasurer

Banco Nacional Ultramarino S.A.


4.       Filipe Cunha Santos - Member

InMedia Asia Ltd.


5.       Constantino Mousinho - Member

Millennium BCP


6.       Artur Santos - Member

Well Link Bank


7.       Li Jie – Member

Perfeição Companhia Lda.


Supervisory Board

1.       Chui Sai Cheong – President

CSC-Investment Predial Lda


2.       Carlos Simoes - Vice President
DSL Lawyers


3.       Kelvin Mao - Member