CCILC-Macau co-organizes “Zhejiang Online Export Trade Fair 2021 (Macau)” to enhance collaboration

Release date:2021/03/12
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The Macau SAR Government takes engagement in the "Belt & Road" Initiative, as well as the development and exchanges within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area as some of its major missions while promoting moderate diversification and sustainable development of Macau’s economy. To this end, with the support of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province recently held an opening ceremony for the “Zhejiang Online Export Trade Fair 2021 (Macau)” at the Mandarin Oriental Macau. Carlos Álvares, Vice President of the Board of General Assembly of the Macau Delegation of the Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC-Macau), was among the invited guest speakers to deliver a welcome speech at the ceremony, while Bernie Leong, President of Board of Directors of CCILC-Macau, served as an officiating guest of the opening ceremony.

Carlos Álvares said that Zhejiang, one of the most prosperous provinces in China, is highly open to the world. It’s essential to strengthen cooperation and exchange between Macau and Zhejiang. Under the current economic situation, the trade fair will provide synergistic effects as it contributes to the economic and trade interactions between the two regions, and facilitates potential business opportunities. He said that Macau acts as a bridge under the business and trade cooperation service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. First and foremost, Macau enjoys an irreplaceable advantage in its geographical location. Local companies are familiar with both Chinese and Portuguese, and the multicultural population is also an invaluable asset for Sino-Portuguese ties. With their in-depth understanding of the two cultures, they play a positive role in the economic and trade exchanges.

Sheng Qiuping, Director-General of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, said that Zhejiang has always had close ties with Macau, adding that the two places enjoy unique advantages and embrace important missions in the course of implementing national strategies. This was the first time for Zhejiang to hold an one-on-one online trade fair outside the province, which attracted the participation of 40 quality enterprises from Zhejiang province. They mainly showcased "Made In Zhejiang" consumer goods and household products. Sheng expected the event could create more business opportunities and expand bilateral trade, promoting high-quality "Made In Zhejiang" products to enterprises in Portuguese-speaking Countries and allowing more enterprises and merchants from these countries to learn more about Zhejiang, with Macau serving as a gateway.